Clothing for the In-Between Woman: Why Sizes 8-18?

We originally launched Ava James NYC with only four sizes – sizes 12-18. We eventually added sizes 8 and 10 and our ultimate goal is to produce sizes 20-22 by the end of the year. We’ve gotten plenty of questions, praise and criticisms for our size range. Many women were excited to finally see a premium option that wasn’t crazy expensive and available in their size. Some women accused us of not being inclusive enough. 

Many of you may have read Our Story – I was inspired to start this business by my sister who is a size 14. In a nutshell, she told me of her predicament – the impossibility of find cute, work-appropriate, quality clothing in her size. Fair enough in Asia, I thought; there must be a plethora of choices in the US where the average American woman is a size 14. Nope. Even here, in the United States of America, it is really damn difficult to find cute, work-appropriate, quality clothing in sizes bigger than 10-12. In particular, my sister was keen on the ultra-feminine, sophisticated look a la Sandro, Reiss, Alice + Olivia, etc. These brands would top out at sizes 8-12. As a result, we wanted to provide a brand with a similar flirty, feminine, sophisticated aesthetic that didn’t destroy the bank. A premium option for women who want to be the stylish boss but cannot shop from straight-size designers.

Hence, we started our line at size 8. We had to limit our top end to an 18 for now given that it’s our first collection. We’ve heard from lots of you that you would like us to extend our sizes to at least 22. We would love to do this and we are hoping to do this later this year. We'll keep you posted. 


  • favfas

    I read your blog and I appreciate your work of designing size specific dresses. It’s true sometimes we can’t find the dress in our size that we wanted to wear, which is very disappointed at that point.

  • Linda Anderson

    Thank you for thinking on us, size 14/16. I wish you could have more options and please if possible make your dresses at least to our knees. People can always make them shorter if they want, but if a dress fits me they are normally too short for a 60 years old lady, like me. I am fit and workout but I don t like to dress in short dresses. Thank you and I look forward to seeing more from your company.

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