RealWoman Series: Careers, Car Seats & Cocktails in Calgary

Realwoman Blog: Careers, Car Seats & Cocktails in Calgary. Berlin in Dove Grey.Realwoman Blog: Downtown Calgary. Berlin in Dove Grey. Sleeveless grey work dress in size 12.

Astrid. 38. Calgary. Wearing Berlin in Dove Grey, Size 12. 

At 5’10, I’ve been tall my entire life. Finding clothes that fit proportionally has always been the biggest challenge. My glory single days where I could devote as much time as I wanted to diet and exercise were my size 8 days. Then… baby came. My body changed… And priorities started to shift. I had to swallow my fashion pride and drown my body in unattractive nursing clothes for about 8 months. As I started to look towards my return to work (thanks Canada for an amazing maternity leave policy), I realized that my old clothes weren’t happening. No shame in that. This new size 12 body of mine needed a whole new wardrobe! Yippee! Preferably a versatile selection that can take me through careers, car seats AND cocktails. Which was surprisingly difficult to find!

I feel good knowing that I can look great in this new body that has had to take on so many new roles. I may not look the same as I did years ago; nor do I expect to. I just had re-define what looking and feeling is all about and I’m pretty darn happy where I am now!

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