RealWoman Series: Fashion Archivist & Budding Curve Model in NYC

Samantha Houck - Plus-Size Model in NYC
Samantha. 27. NYC. Wearing Madrid in Charcoal, Size 14. 

I’m a small-town girl from Central Pennsylvania who’s currently living my dream in NYC. I grew up as a total history buff – history was my first love which was no surprise given that my hometown is steeped in local history. I majored in Historical Studies in college while also earning my elementary school teaching certificate. I took a two-year hiatus from history while I taught elementary school post-graduation but I soon felt the itch again to get back to my first love. I made the decision to go back to school and enrolled in the NYU Archives and Public History Masters program where I finally moved to the city of my dreams.

I’ve also been harboring a not-so-secret second love – FASHION! My obsession with fashion goes back a long way and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to find a profession that perfectly intersects my first and second loves – fashion archiving. For those of you who are unfamiliar with fashion archives, imagine going through Tiffany’s or Dior’s historical collections where you organize, create research records and store items which are attributed to a brand’s history. Fashion archives can include designs, corporate documents, photographs, clothing, and even jewelry. Sounds amazing, right? My profession enables me to work with brands, designer ateliers, museums, and educational institutions to help them document their historical collections.

Samantha Houck

Furthermore, my involvement in the fashion community has developed beyond the archives in the last year; I’m looking to make my mark in the now as a curve model. As a tall, curvy woman, I struggled with body confidence in my teen years and early 20s. Now as a professional woman in her late 20s, I’ve come into my own where I love my career, my city, and mostly importantly, myself. #selflove all the way!

Clothing can be a very powerful tool in your confidence toolbox. Here I am wearing my Madrid dress – the perfect dress that gives me an extra shot of confidence. It works for my day in the archives as well as my numerous model castings. It even works perfectly for those last minute after-work drinks. From downtown to midtown Manhattan, from archives to castings, I’m confident and ready.


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